Kenny Hines
Acting Unit 1 (GM) Chairperson

JANUARY 29, 2019


The Shop Committee would like to extend a WARM WELCOME BACK to all our Brothers and Sisters of Local 276. The downtime has hit us hard as some of our Brothers and Sisters are no longer with us. We would like to extend our condolences to the families of all members who lost a loved one over the holidays. We would also like to advise the membership as you return to please be on the lookout for safety issues. There has been a lot of work done throughout the plant and we want to make sure that first and foremost the membership is safe.


WILLIAM “BILL” KULHANEK, The Plant Executive Director at Fairfax Assembly has been appointed to the position of Plant Executive Director Arlington Assembly. “Bill” replaces JUAN CARLOS JIMENEZ who was appointed to GM China. Prior to his current assignment, “Bill” has held Plant leadership roles at St. Catharines, Baltimore, Parma and Lordstown.


LAMAR RUCKER, has been appointed Assistant Plant Director at Arlington Assembly, reporting to “Bill” Kulhanek. Lamar replaces DARCI MARCUM who was appointed to Lansing Grand River. Lamar has held positions as Plant Manager Parma Stamping, and Bedford Castings as well as Assistant Plant Manager Detroit Hamtramck Assembly.


Currently, the pool of eligible people to be considered for a temporary position here at Arlington Assembly has been depleted. To maintain an adequate level of appropriate candidates, Select International will be taking 1,000 applications for a Temporary Employment opportunity. The website to submit your application is The application period will open on January 30th at 12:00 PM (Noon) and will stay open until they reach 1,000 applicants. Previously this action of reaching 1,000 applicants took less than 30 minutes so, we advise all interested parties to make an early effort to turn in their application.


There have been many calls placed for the Committee people concerning Unemployment and SUB pay. This is a Benefits issue - every situation about how people are to file for their unemployment is different. So, we ask you to please see your Benefits Representative at the appropriate number below about any issue, concerning Unemployment or SUB pay. The Benefits office location is in General Assembly at Column A-4 - their phone numbers for the plant are:

1st Shift – C.E. Williams 817-652-2485

1st Shift – Mike Moses 817-652-2486

1st Shift – Leticia Idrogo 817-607-6785 - Body Shop

817-607-2919 - Paint

2nd Shift - Norma Flores 817-652-2485

3rd Shift – Carla Brame 817-607-6706

In addition, please follow the Benefit Representative’s instructions about how and when to file. We have had many cases of people getting incorrect information which could lead to a delay in their benefits being paid, and in some instances, get the member in trouble for trying to claim funds that have already been processed for. Our SUB pay is self-generating, meaning that, once you qualify for unemployment it automatically sends the information to SUB pay. There is no need to apply or contact SUB. Also, we have been informed by the company that some of our members are being flagged for Willful Misrepresentation in the SUB plan. Members who are not accurately reflecting the amount they received from the State may be determined by the Company to be Willful Misrepresenting their unemployment compensation. The Company may require additional paperwork to be submitted by the member. Again, any questions please contact your Benefits Representative.


Paragraph (193b) of the 2015 UAW/GM National Agreement states: “Payment of the unused portion, if any, of the employee’s vacation entitlement, shall be made as soon as possible but not later than February 1 of the following year.” Payment for all unused vacation for the calendar year 2018 will be made on February 1, 2019.


Starting the week of February 11, 2019, the National Bargaining Committee will be in Detroit to go over the 2019 National Demands that were submitted by all members of UAW/GM. As we prepare for these upcoming negotiations, we are urging the membership to be prepared. This may be a very difficult round of negotiations for everyone so, prepare yourself for the difficulties that may come as we approach the contract deadline.