Phillip Harvey
Unit 2 (Caravan) Chairperson



The February Unit 2 (Aramark) Union Meeting was cancelled due to the weather on February 11, 2018 but, we do have our next meeting on Sunday, March 11, 2018, at 12:00 PM (Noon). Be sure to be there even if you don’t have questions, others might that could help you. We have made great improvements for people wanting to come to the Union meetings. We just have a verbal agreement as of this writing however, I will try to have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) shortly.


As we get to the close of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) on March 15, 2018, lots of things that I knew would happen has started to happen. Management has taken the approach that they will not settle any grievances. They are trying to discipline as many of us as they can. We need to stay focused on doing our job and not be totally focused on what Management is doing. Our Aramark negotiating team is ready to try and get us the best Agreement possible. If the negotiating team provides us with any details about the negotiations, we will get them to you. Please keep our negotiating team in your prayers as they negotiate. Our future really does depend on it.


Please, remember that, whenever you may be in a confrontation with Management, you should ask for a Union Representative. Keep your side of what happened with Management to yourself. Only discuss the details with your Union Representative. Take the time to write down all the facts as soon as you can, taking care to note names of witnesses dates and times and the specifics of the incident. Go over these facts several times to make sure that you have left nothing out. If the incident that happened with Management is grieveable (it violates the CBA or the National Labor Relations Act) and it is not a gripe, have your Union Representative write a grievance for you. You must reach out to your Union Representative to request a grievance be written. After your Union Representative has written your grievance, make sure that he or she gives you a copy of the grievance. It is important that we are careful in these last days. As I said earlier, Management is not trying to resolve any issues but, it is important that we document all issues between us and them.


Our contract expires on March 15, 2018 and this is the time we should be bound together as one. No internal fighting is really needed at this time. United we stand and divided we fall. Let’s all start to keep our eyes on the prize: OUR JOBS and the CONTRACT.

Contact the Union Hall (972-647-1282) immediately to make sure your correct name and address are on file with the Union. It is vital.