Terry Valenzuela

DECEMBER 20, 2018


As everyone is aware, the plant will be shut down until January 22, 2019. During that period, some of our members will be reporting back to work prior to the 22nd and the remainder will report on January 22, 2019. As a result of the down time, the State of Texas Workforce Commission will be mailing all laid off members packets to their last known registered address with General Motors. As soon as you get your packet, OPEN IT IMMEDIATELY. It will have information that you will need to be able to file for unemployment INCLUDING THE DATE THAT YOU MUST FILE YOUR CLAIM ON. Failing to file on the date that you personally are scheduled to file will cause problems with not only your unemployment claim but your SUB pay, if you are eligible for SUB. So, please, make sure you follow all the instructions carefully – the date you are scheduled to file may or may not be the same date as a co-worker. Make sure GM and the Union have your correct mailing address no later than December 21, 2018.


This year has been an exceptionally tough one that has caused a lot of strife within each of our Units – not to mention the change experienced by Unit 2 and those employees being split into two different Units. Then, we also were privileged to have our GM Shop Chairperson selected to go on the International staff which in turn triggered two elections: A new GM Shop Chairperson as well as a new GM Committeeperson-at-Large. When our new Unit 3 came online, an acting Chairperson was appointed to represent those employees. We also had the election to send six of our members to the Constitutional Convention in June. With all that going on, the changes being made to the plant the long hours and extra days that members were required to work and the break downs on the line as well as the main sewer line catastrophe – you our members have held your heads high went to work each day and performed your job with the quality you always have. To that, each and everyone of you deserve a big Thank You. You have not only made a stand together but also you have made your Union proud. Thank you again.


To all members who worked on both the Kids Christmas Party and the Adult Christmas Party and to all those who attended them, you made this year’s parties great successes. We look forward to everyone having the same wonderful time in 2019.


The Toys for Kids (TFK) Committee would like to thank all UAW/GM Arlington Assembly employees for all your efforts and contributions to this special cause. This year we donated $70,000 in toys (at wholesale prices) to Mission Arlington for all of the children throughout the Metroplex area. Even though this year we ceased the traditional festivities within the plant, such as the food and candy sales Santa’s visit with the kids and the display of the myriad of toys along the main aisle, we will continue the charity of giving through your generous donations made possible through payroll deductions. Mission Arlington has provided pictures of the many toys we donated to them, but they also extend an invitation to everyone to stop by their facility to see the Toy Store in person. It is a heartwarming experience. Thank you for your support from the TFK Committee.


Notices have been placed in the boxes and are running on the monitors stating that the Union Meeting for January has been cancelled. The next Union Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 10, 2019.


The following information was slipped under my door and I feel that it is information that is important to all Unit members:

“Brothers and Sisters of Local 276: The members of Unit 2 (Caravan) would like to wish you a happy holiday as we close out this year. Our goal is to establish a better relationship between all Units however, the only way we will accomplish this is through unity. As a Unit of Local 276, we are prepared to assist and provide excellent Quality Service however, we would like to address the divisive tactics that many companies often uses to keep us divided.

“As Union workers, we are all aware of the things Management will do to save a buck but, if something should go awry, they will pass the “buck” right on to the workers – that’s the only way you’ll see your pay go up. For example: There have been several companies come in under bid and then expect the workers to perform miracles. As a a Unit, it has come to our attention that some jobs are currently not being attended to because the - job has not been assigned to a worker. However, Management would have you think it’s the worker’s fault. Not so: Management is in charge of scheduling, manpower, overtime, purchasing supplies, and issuing PPE. Within the last 2 months, there have been workers who didn’t have supplies like gloves and/or tissue to perform their duties safely and effectively.

“If there is an area that needs our attention, feel free to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to correct the problem. The only way for the labor movement to survive is to remain union strong. In solidarity, Unit 2.”

To all our members of Units 1, 2 and 3,

have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.