Phillip Harvey
Unit 2 (Caravan) Chairperson


I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the Caravan members who stood in solidarity with Unit 1 of Local 276. No, we couldn't get on the picket lines but we filled support positions that helped our Unit 1 (GM) Brothers and Sisters. This has been a very important time to forge relations and to observe how we interact with one another. This strike has proved to a lot of us what we are really made of.

I would like to take this time to thank all of you who sacrificed in more ways than people will ever know. It's unfortunate that not all Unit 2 (Caravan) members chose to participate in such an historic event as this. This has been history in the making.

Behind the scenes, I have gotten phone calls from not only Unit 2 members but also from Unit 1 members as well. Even though we really had nothing on the table because of this strike, we stood firm in solidarity with our Unit 1 Brothers and Sisters.

Just because Ashley May and I are not in the plant at the moment and currently have grievances on the books to be settled, we look forward to continuing to serve you until our terms are up. Technically, we are still your authorized representatives voted into these positions by you. We have come out to lend a hand and give support to help in any way.

Now that this historic GM 2019 Strike is coming to a close, we need to turn to our attentions to our own contract that still hasn't been resolved. We need to keep focused on the real issues that are in front of us. Let's not get side tracked by easy quick money fixes and pipe dreams. This first one was for GM (Unit 1). This next one is for us - Caravan (Unit 2). Whatever differences we might have between us we need to let all of that go and focus on the real issues.

I'm calling on Unit 1 members to now help us in solidarity to get this accomplished with the same level of support that we gave you. I'm also asking that Unit 2 members stay alert to everything that has happened.

Respectfully yours in Solidarity,

Phillip Harvey